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DanzTech was founded in 1987 by Janet and Eckhard Kuennemann to design, develop, and provide the very best in impact absorbing toe padding. Janet's extensive experience a a student, performer, and instructor of ballet has given her firsthand knowledge of the rigors and subsequent pain and injures associated with this beautiful art. With Eckhard's professional background in physics and computer simulation, the founding team is the perfect partnering of science and art.

Injuries to the soft and connective tissues of the foot are all too common in the dance field and other athletic fields where the toes are exposed to impact injury and soft tissue trauma. It is DanzTech's ongoig goal to be the world leader in providing state-of-the-art impact protection padding for the toes and foot care products.

We invite you to further explore our site for full descriptions of our unique products and how they work so that you can determine for yourself what sets our ToeSavers™ products apart from all the rest. Thanks for your visit!