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DanzTech designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes state of the art padding products specifically designed to minimize impact injury to the toes. Our products are known and used world wide by dancers, hikers and backpackers, trail running enthusiasts, and soccer players who have found relief for their aching toes.

From concept to finished product, we at DanzTech take pride in knowing that we are providing our customers the very best in injury prevention padding. It is the development process itself, working with students, teachers, and professionals, that gives us the greatest degree of satisfaction, knowing that our products will help extend the careers of those who use them.

We work together with industry world leaders in padding materials and RF welding technologies. EdiZONE LC has granted exclusive licenses to DanzTech for the use of Gelastic® and Z-Flo®. Dielectrics, Inc. is applying world leading technologies gained from their manufacture of hospital and surgical devices to the fabrication of our top of the line products, ToeSavers™ Elite and ToeSavers™ Prima Toe Pads.

What We Do